Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Morning from Antanarivo

Good Morning!

After many hours on the airplane, I have finally reached Madagascar! I am one of the 15 students in the Stony Brook Study Abroad program to the Centre ValBio Research Station in the rain forest in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar.

Antanarivo is the capitol of Madagascar. We are staying in a hotel that looks over the city in the valley. Breakfast is delicious freshly baked bread and fruit spread! We are traveling to Ranomafana National Park today, approx an 8 hour bus ride. Once there we will be able to explore the rain forest, set up our tent sites and hopefully see some lemurs!

I will be going into the town of Ranomafana to the internet cafe when I get a chance on a day off from classes.
Julia :)

Pictures: Our hotel balcony looking over the city.
All my luggage made it to Madagascar! Except my duct tape that was hanging of my pack, i'm one of the luckier ones.